Monday, July 18, 2005

19,192 miles

Frank’s Motorcycle Sales & Service, Essex Center, VT

Perform Major Service (24,000-mile) per BMW 0317 - R1200GS Schedule

Adjusted valves, checked brakes, check fluids and tires, test rode

Oil filter #11427673541 $12.10
Seal #07119963252 $0.50
Gasket #11127673087 $5.00
20W50 oil (4) #07511467605 $15.00
Synthetic Gear Oil 75W140 #07510395257 $14.95
DOT 4 Brake Fluid (2) $8.04
Spark plugs (4) #12127677560 $35.60
Air filter element #13717672552 $15.40

Replace front tire

Metzeler Tourance 110/80VR19 $153.95
D-15 valve #36311454963 $2.80
10 gram wheel weight #36311451959 $2.32

Tire life: 13,365 miles

Brake light failure warning.

Contacts cleaned (absence of splash guard/mudguard is the cause)

Leaking transmission seal, behind clutch slave cylinder.

Replaced shaft seal.

Seal #2312765019 $0.00 (Warranty)
Labor (2.75 hours) $0.00 (Warranty)

Forward drive shaft boot is leaking

(Strap was not tensioned by previous technician. Service error.)

8-cable strap #61131377134 $0.95

Replace rear splash guard (mudguard) under warranty.

Top box is loose.

No action taken. (They have no solution for this.)

Front brakes are not smooth.

Discs are warped. Replace discs and pads (Not covered by warranty)

Front brake pads (2 sets) #34117671780 $158.50
Front brake disc (2) #34117676550 $370.00
Rear brake pads (1 set)(spares) #34212335465 $61.00

Labor (4.5 hours) $247.50

Total: $1,154.98

Sunday, July 17, 2005

19,150 miles

Waterbury, VT

Laundry List for Repair Shop

Items to be addressed at Frank's Motorcycle Sales in Essex Junction, VT
  • 6,000-mile service
  • Replace the front tire
  • Check the brakes, which are grabbing (rode Jeff's R1200GS to compare; his brakes are perfectly smooth)
  • Check out the loose top box
  • Repair the leaking potentiometer housing (which better be under warranty)
  • Check the leaking forward drive shaft boot
  • Replace the rear splash guard if under warranty (it should be)
  • Brake lamp failure
Too many things for an 8-month-old vehicle!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

18,310 miles

Erhard BMW Motorcycles, Canton, MI

Rear brakes squealing, front brakes grabbing

Replace rear brake pads (completely worn down to metal)(rotor still serviceable). Will service front brakes in Vermont.

Rear brake pads (1 set)(from my stock) #34212335465 $0.00
Labor: $32.00

1 ea. BMW clutch fluid #07-51-0-398-494 $7.50
Supplies: $1.60
Tax: $0.55

Total: $41.65

Leaking oil at boot from transmission to drive shaft.

Will have serviced in Vermont

Possible leak at rear of transmission at shift potentiometer.

Will have serviced in Vermont

Monday, July 11, 2005

18,000 miles


Gear oil leaking from drive shaft boot onto catalytic converter.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Minneapolis, MM

Top Box loose

Riding through downtown Minneapolis, my top box (which I had emptied out) was rattling around on its pedestal mount.

I called the local BMW shops to ask about repairing the top case and/or mounting system. They were not much help. "There's no bulletin and we haven't received any other complaints..."