Wednesday, January 25, 2006

39,130 miles

Chile and Argentine

Various electronic problems over past few days

39,130 – Speedometer functions intermittently (needle slowly falls to zero, or near zero, even at sustained speeds)

39,353 – Brake failure warning, EWS and light failure – all bogus warnings?

39,440 – Speedometer stops again, then okay 100 miles later.

39,900 - Speedometer not working much of the day

Thursday, January 19, 2006

39,000 miles

Santiago, Chile

Replace rear tire

MX Racing Sport

1 ea. Rear tire, Metzeler "Tourance" 150/80VR17 $249.60

Mount tire


$40.00 for mounting at Bimota (expensive, but includes wash and espresso!)

(No balancing - told it's unnecessary for rear)

The Pirelli MT60, which still has plenty of tread, will be carried as a spare. I prefer the "Tourance" for its toughness and durability. (And it's also the correct specification for the R1200GS!)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

38,750 miles

Ruta 40, Argentina

Genco S.A., Mendoza, Argentina

Parts purchase

Alternator belt $48.70 (for spare)

38,700 miles

Low speed shimmy in front end

It may be the load is causing this, but it is more pronounced now, even though the load has been reduced.

(This was later identified as a sign of a "cupped tire", though this tire had only about 3,600 miles on it.)

Friday, January 13, 2006

This area was the source of a number of problems: twice, the rear mud guard sheared off from vibration. After the second loss, I stopped riding with one. The rear axle outer seal (housed under the circular black dust cap) failed, and the rear brake disc was found to be "cupped" and required replacement.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

38,420 miles

Carretera Austral, Chile

Williamson Balfour Motors (Inchcape), Santiago, Chile

36,000-mile (60,000 Km) Service

Replace rear brake rotor (cupped)

Replace rear axle outer seal (warranty)

Front brake discs warped

Replace right Vario pannier (damaged in Panama

Outer differential seal not stocked. A non-BMW substitute was found, and was not charged.

Front brake discs were not available locally and would have to be ordered from Germany, so I declined the work.

Labor (10% discount)

Service $193.80
Change rear brake disc $44.80
Change brake and clutch fluids $29.80
Replace outer differential seal N/C (warranty)


Brake cleaner $10.50
Brake fluid DOT4 $23.52
20W/50 HXP motor oil (4) $36.00
75W/90 Synthetic oil (1) $36.00
Clutch fluid $10.00
Miscellaneous $10.00

Parts (20% discount)

Oil filter $22.34
Washer $0.78
Air filter $30.54
Alternator belt 4PK592 $38.34
Rear brake disk $573.25*
Exterior head gasket - left (valve cover) $37.94**
Internal head gasket (seal) $4.28**
Outer differential seal N/C (warranty)

* There is some confusion here (language barrier): the service manager originally said the brake rotor and the splined hub must be replaced. The final invoice only listed the disk. I have no idea if the hub was in fact replaced.

** Left side only. Right side gaskets replaced in La Paz.

Accessories (no discount)

Pannier $457.26 (no charge for changing tumblers)

Subtotal: $1,574.96
Discount: $168.52
Net: $1,406.45
IVA: $267.21

Total: $1,673.68

Read more about it at

Friday, January 06, 2006

37,700 miles

Chiloe, Chile

Agua Verde, Chile

Outer rear axle seal leaking

Significant leak, spraying oil on rear tire and wheel

(Must wait until Santiago to repair.)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

36,700 miles

La Paz, Bolivia

Replacement parts received from BMW of San Francisco

4 ea. Valve cover screws 11-12-7-658-634 $19.60
1 ea. Right Turn Signal Lens 63-13-7-667-767 $7.99
1 st. Touratech windshield support 044-0380 $27.88
1 ea. Valve cover, right side 11-12-7-673-080 $130.05
1 ea. Valve cover safety bar 71-60-7-684-308 $50.49
1 ea. Valve cover gasket 11-12-7-673-086 $13.43
1 ea. Gasket 11-12-7-673-087 (charged, not received) $3.19

Tax: $22.01
DHL shipping: $258.95
Customs, duties and DHL La Paz fees: $105.34

Total: $638.94