Monday, February 27, 2006

46,275 miles

Santiago, Chile

Replace rear tire

After the 6,500 miles run to Ushuaia and back, the rear tire (Tourance) was shot. Ruta 40 in Argentina gave it a pounding! West of Buenos Aires, Argentina, I picked up a small nail but left it in the tire, as I had no way to patch it. (All my repair kits were used up!) I topped off the air as I crept back to Santiago, Chile. I later discovered the tire had numerous tiny air leaks!

Bimota, Santiago

Re-installed Pirelli MT60 (from La Paz)

Labor: $38.00

Repair neutral sensor

Adjusted sensor (linked to clutch lever) to allow ignition while in gear

Labor: $10.00

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

45,270 miles

Cordasco Motohaus (BMW), Buenos Aires

Parts purchased

1 ea. Oil filter #11427673541 $25.70
4 ea. Spark plugs #12127677560 $86.67!
1 L Castrol 20W50 engine oil $4.00

Total: $116.37

(Also picked up a set of rear brake pads left for me by another rider who had borrowed a set from me. He paid $98.70 for the replacements!)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

43,575 miles

Argentina's Ruta 3

Can only start bike in neutral

Various plastic dust caps falling off

(Illustrated in pre-trip photo above)

Speedometer continues to function intermittently

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What I call the R1200GS's "Achille's Heel": inadequate clearance between front tire and fender will allow mud buildup within minutes, with a resulting locking of front wheel and loss of control. Stopping to clear the mud usually required 15 minutes of work. After cleaning, it was good for about another three or four minutes of riding. (This photo was along Argentina's Ruta 40. Virtually identical conditions were encountered in Panama's Darien Province.)

(I later concluded that reducing the tire pressure to about 20 pounds might have helped lessen the difficulty, but also reduces tire integrity and life.)