Tuesday, April 24, 2007

80,785 miles

Touch of Class Motorcycles, Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Replace front and rear struts

Installed used BMW struts (taken from owner's personal bike after 200 miles' usage)

1 ea. Front Strut (used) $200.00
1 ea. Rear Strut (used) $500.00

Labor: $115.00
Tax: $4.03

Total: $819.03

Monday, April 23, 2007

80,400 miles


Rear strut failure

Seal blew, releasing all fluid

80,233 miles

Frank's Motorcycle Sales, Essex Center, VT

Parts purchase

1 st. Rear brake pads (for spares) #34212335465: $65.25

Tax: $3.92

Total: $69.17

Sunday, April 22, 2007

80,200 miles

Waterbury, VT

Replace fuel pump electronics (self-service)

Replaced original unit that had previously failed once (due to moisture.)

1 ea. Fuel pump electronics #16147694378 $83.79

10% shipping charge: $8.37
Sales tax: $7.37

Total: $100.27

(Purchased at Ride West BMW, Seattle, WA. Note charge for shipping. This is quite annoying. BMW dealers stock relatively few parts these days. They assume the customer can wait for delivery, and pay for the shipping cost! This part in particular should be a stock item, since it has been a common problem for the R1200GS.)

Friday, April 06, 2007

75,970 miles

Napa, CA

Fuel pump electronics failure

40 miles into my cross-country trip. Bike died. Not getting fuel. After pushing two miles, had bike towed home to Santa Rosa. Re-installed an old unit that had failed in Mexico two years ago (due to moisture.) Bike started right up.

Read more about it at timtraveler.com.