Thursday, December 11, 2008

105,930 miles

Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitzroy in the distance - Patagonia, Argentina

Santa Rosa, CA (BMW parts purchased at Marin BMW/Marin Moto)

Replace rear axle outer seal (self-service)

1 ea. Shaft seal #33117679862 $18.45

Tax: $1.52
Total: $19.97

Seal last replaced at 74,800 miles.

(Seal is extracted by drilling small holes into the seal at points diametrically opposed to one another, inserting screws into these holes, then using pliers to pull on both screws simultaneously, drawing the seal out. Not having a proper seal-driving tool, I placed the new seal in position and laid the old seal over it and used that as a driver to gently move the new seal into position. It seemed to work fine!)

Replace rear brake pads (self-service)

1 st. EBC brake pads #FA363HH $38.95 (purchased at Northbay Motorsport)

Tax: $3.12
Total: $42.07

Last replaced at 91,904 miles. 14,000 miles from this last set of (BMW) pads.

Service (self-service)

1 ea. Air filter #13717672552 $24.45
4 ea. Spark plugs #12127671301 $69.80
1 ea. Oil filter #11427673541 $17.75
2 ea. Valve cover inner gasket #11127673087 $14.90
2 ea. Hex head valve cover gasket #11127673086 $56.90

Tax: $15.16
Total: $198.96

4 qt. Castrol GTX 20W50 oil $15.96 (from Kragen Auto Parts)

Tax: $1.28
Total: $17.14

Total parts and supplies: $278.14

Comment: The prices on BMW parts represent a greater than 50% increase from those paid just 15 months ago. This is insane!

The labor charge at Marin BMW is now $102 per hour. This leaves little option but to perform as much of the service on my own as possible. BMW needs a reality check - their price inflation cannot continue unchecked, especially considering the current economy.

Friday, December 05, 2008

105,765 miles

Santa Rosa, CA

Rear axle outer seal is failing

This seal failed at around 37,000 and 74,000 miles. I guess it's time for it to fail again.

After noting the oil leakage at 105,200 miles (November 18th), I cleaned the bike and watched for further sign of leakage, but none was noted until today, and this is clearly around the rear axle seal. I checked the rear drive oil level, and found it high (opening the plug, the oil squirted out, as if under pressure.) It may have been over-filled at the last service. Could that result in the seal leakage/failure? I also noted the oil is very dark - almost like old engine oil. This cannot be good! (This oil was supposedly changed at 97,596 miles.)