Tuesday, October 17, 2017

29,672 miles

Santa Rosa BMW, Windsor, CA

Replace front tire

1 ea. #03160211 Continental TKC70 110/80R19 59V TL (Made in Germany)  $166.57

1 ea. Tire valve stem  $8.97

Miscellaneous (tire disposal, weights)  $4.75

Subtotal: $175.54  $180.29

Tax:  $14.50

Labor (0.5 hr.):  $53.00

Total:  $274.79

Metzeler Tourance tire life: 7,635 miles

(The mechanic recommends 36# in front tire, not 32 as indicated in manual and on bike. 40# for rear.)

(Also posted to Adventure Rider forum:)

Since beginning to use the Metzeler Tourance on my two BMW R1200GS's beginning in 2004, I've never had a front tire wear out faster than a rear. The front has always lasted FAR longer than the rear. Current front and back were replaced in August 2016 and now, with less than 8,000 miles, the front is worn out, while the rear has plenty of tread left. Assuming Metzelers were German-made, I've never paid much attention to the imprint on the tires, but both of these tires carry the "Made in China" imprint, and I have to wonder if this is a factor.

Here is the lifespan (in miles) of my last 8 front tires (roughly in order), only two of which were not Tourance:

>18,000 (Dunlop Trailmax, OEM)
10,299 (Michelin Anakee? OEM)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

29,027 miles

Santa Rosa BMW, Windsor, CA

Annual Service (minor)

1 ea. #11427673541 Oil Filter $19.53
1 ea. #07119963252 Seal $1.96
1 ea. #07119963132 Gasket ring $2.53
1 ea. #33117695219 O-ring $1.53
1 ea. #11127723216 Gasket kit, cylinder head $111.53
0.5 qt. #07512293972 Synthetic gear oil, SAF-XO $11.27
4 qt. #3601-0385 Oil comp 4 XP 15W50 1L $47.80

Labor (@ $106/hour) $265.00

Shop supplies $3.00
Waste disposal $5.00

Subtotal: $469.15

Repair crank shaft oil seal at front of engine

1 ea. #11118528387 Shaft seal $25.87
1 ea. #11318528385 Ribbed V-belt $39.53

Labor $159.00

NOTE: Rust in shaft seal area cleaned off, but seal may leak in future.

Subtotal: $224.40

Sales tax: $21.90

Total: $715.45

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

26,646 miles

Santa Rosa BMW, Windsor, CA

Replaced battery

1 ea. #61218556314 AGM Battery $163.53

Tax: $13.29

Total: $176.82


Wednesday, June 07, 2017

25,600 miles

Santa Rosa, CA

Engine unexpectedly dies while in motion

Twice in the course of thirty minutes, the engine died shifting in and out of second gear. Instrument cluster went blank. Turned key off, then on again. And engine fired right up. I thought I had perhaps not turned the key fully into the "on" position when starting out. But when this happened a second time, that seemed unlikely to be the problem.

Suspect a failing battery as the cause. The battery is the original that came with the bike, purchased in September 2011.

[Additional note: Rear ABS failure previously noted has not recurred in the past two to three months.]