Thursday, June 16, 2005

12,000 miles

The Motorcycle Shop, Anchorage, Alaska

12,000-Mile Service

Asked for a "12,000 mile service". The service manager asked me what I wanted them to do, "change the oil?"

"I guess..."

1 ea. Oil filter #11427673541 $14.95
1 ea. Crush washer $0.75
4 qt. BMW 10W40 engine oil #07511467607-1 $17.00

Supplies: $4.90
Labor: $70.00

Brake lamp failure

Replaced bulb, though the filaments had not burned out. The technician said "the computer is sensitive."

1 ea. Bulb 12V21.5W #07119978384 $2.95

Additional Parts

1 ea. Rear tire, Metzeler Tourance 150/70HR17 $212.95

Total: $323.50 (no tax in Alaska!)

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