Wednesday, June 29, 2005

15,360 miles

Windshield rattle becoming progressively worse

Stock windshield mounts (plastic pins to which the screws attach) quickly wear out resulting in excessive windshield vibration and noise. An after-market "Touratech" replacement set (costing over $30) eliminates the problem.

Lewistown, Montana

I stopped at the "Ace Hardware" store and purchased four small rubber o-rings for $2.94. Larry Saenz at BMW of SF suggested using these as a fix for the windshield rattle that has grown progressively worse over recent weeks. Fitting an o-ring to the two plastic pins attaching the windshield to the lower swivel mount completely eliminated the rattle. Thanks, Larry! (And to BMW: you need to find a better solution!)

4 ea. O-rings $2.94

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