Tuesday, January 10, 2006

38,420 miles

Carretera Austral, Chile

Williamson Balfour Motors (Inchcape), Santiago, Chile

36,000-mile (60,000 Km) Service

Replace rear brake rotor (cupped)

Replace rear axle outer seal (warranty)

Front brake discs warped

Replace right Vario pannier (damaged in Panama

Outer differential seal not stocked. A non-BMW substitute was found, and was not charged.

Front brake discs were not available locally and would have to be ordered from Germany, so I declined the work.

Labor (10% discount)

Service $193.80
Change rear brake disc $44.80
Change brake and clutch fluids $29.80
Replace outer differential seal N/C (warranty)


Brake cleaner $10.50
Brake fluid DOT4 $23.52
20W/50 HXP motor oil (4) $36.00
75W/90 Synthetic oil (1) $36.00
Clutch fluid $10.00
Miscellaneous $10.00

Parts (20% discount)

Oil filter $22.34
Washer $0.78
Air filter $30.54
Alternator belt 4PK592 $38.34
Rear brake disk $573.25*
Exterior head gasket - left (valve cover) $37.94**
Internal head gasket (seal) $4.28**
Outer differential seal N/C (warranty)

* There is some confusion here (language barrier): the service manager originally said the brake rotor and the splined hub must be replaced. The final invoice only listed the disk. I have no idea if the hub was in fact replaced.

** Left side only. Right side gaskets replaced in La Paz.

Accessories (no discount)

Pannier $457.26 (no charge for changing tumblers)

Subtotal: $1,574.96
Discount: $168.52
Net: $1,406.45
IVA: $267.21

Total: $1,673.68

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Koubi Ky said...


I buy a R1200R in the most famous French BMW dealership(BMW Motorrad, armée de la grande avenue).

I took my R1200R for a revision in another BMW dealership. they refused revised my R1200 because it lacked the revision information in my notebook.

They told me they could not retrieve information from another BMW dealer (which is false).

2 days after my engine broke.

BMW does not want to take care of repairs.

Is it normal?

Repair cost: 8000 €
Mileage 20 000 km


timtraveler said...

Something does not make sense in your report Koubiky. Oil pressure does depend upon how much oil is in the system and an excessively low level of oil will trigger the engine oil warning light.

My engine oil warning light came on soon after purchasing my bike. (I didn't realize that oil consumption may be excessive during the break-in period, excessive being more than a quart in 800 miles.)

Once I topped off the oil, the warning light was extinguished.


1,600 Miles

Ultimately, it is the owner's responsibility to visually monitor the engine oil level (through the sight glass on the lower left side of the engine.)

However, it appears your engine oil warning light may have malfunctioned.