Thursday, May 18, 2006

54,250 miles

Top box falls off

Within months of purchasing my bike, I began the practice of strapping the top box in place for added security. Despite the added security of a nylon strap, I lost the top box after hitting a small bump. The box, containing my laptop computer, bounced down the road.

At the California Adventure Rally last year, I spoke with another GS rider who said he had lost three top boxes! (That is why I began strapping the box in addition to latching it in place.)

Top box is now unusable. (New one is approximately $530!)


Grunt said...

Did the topbox save the laptop?! Interesting read.

timtraveler said...

I guess you could say that. But it might save it better by not falling off in the first place!

ryper13 said...

I agree. The design for the top boxes was terrible. My first one flew off in Costa Rica and BMW actually replaced it. Yesterday in Argentina, I lost another one and a man actually picked it up and saw my bike and returned it to the hotel (this after I rode 300 kms looking for it along the roadside!). I need to start strapping it down now.

timtraveler said...


I suggest using (at least) TWO straps!


Anonymous said...

My top box just came off my 2006 R1200GS on a dirt road after hitting a pretty large pothole. I hesitate to believe that it came off after a "small" bump, although the design is pretty bad. The dealership has a retrofit kit I wish I knew about sooner. You had some nasty expenses with your GS! Mine now has ~12k on the odometer (I bought the bike at 6k, the previous owner apparently didn't ride much). I haven't had any real problems yet, here's hoping. My 2009 G650GS has had its ups and downs, but so far has proved a reliable bike after 23k.