Thursday, June 08, 2006

56,138 miles

BMW of San Francisco

Major (12,000-mile) service

1 ea. Oil filter #11-42-7-673-541 $13.46
1 ea. O-Ring #07-11-9-904-950 $2.70
2 ea. Gasket #11-12-7-673-087 $8.10
2 ea. Gasket #11-12-7-673-086 $30.60
1 ea. Air filter #13-71-7-672-552 $17.55
2 ea. O-ring #13-31-7-659-110 $5.40
1 ea. Alternator belt #12-31-7-681-841 $16.20
4 ea. 20W/50 oil $14.00
1 ea. Brake fluid $3.95
0.8 ea. Synthetic gear oil $4.40

Parts: $94.01
Labor: $375.00
Supplies: $22.35

Replace speedometer (warranty)

This is to remedy the previously-reported occasional failure of the speedometer

1 ea. Instrument cluster #62-11-7-700-751 (Special order)

Technician's note: renew instrument cluster as per bulletin.

Check clutch life

The day before service, while exiting a freeway, tried to engage the clutch and the gears created quite a racket. The clutch did not seem operational. Persisted for several blocks until I stopped the bike. When I resumed, everything seemed normal. Driving to BMW of SF this morning, everything seemed normal.

Technician's note: "clutch feels fine." Mechanics not sure what could have caused it. One said a pebble might have gotten kicked into transmission (is there an opening?)

Low beam failure (not the bulb - I tried several spares)

Discovered pilot bulb burned out, but no apparent problem with low beam!

1 ea. Bulb #63-21-7-160-797 $1.30

White smoke on start-up (occasionally)(check valves)

Technician says this is "considered "normal".

Louder than normal gearbox noise?

Considered "normal" movement of shafts, according to technician.

(LATER NOTE: I think this was likely the loosened clutch plate and input shaft splines, which later self-destructed.)

Misfiring on deceleration (and downhill slopes)

Technician says the Major Service should take care of this.

Replace two broken turn signal lenses

2 ea. Lens #63-13-7-667-767 $17.50 (why are these SO expensive?)
2 ea. Screws #63-13-7-654-275 $1.90

Check rear drive for unusual play - possible contributor to excessive rear brake pad wear? (Other riders have pointed to excess play in the rear drive as the cause of excess brake pad wear.)

Technician's comment: "rear drive is tight."

Perform sensor line recall

1 ea. Case holder #34-51-7-695-906 $0.00
1 ea. Screw, 4x10 #07-11-9-900-439 $0.00

Perform brake banjo recall

1 ea. Hollow bolt #34-32-7-702-422 $0.00
2 ea. Seal ring #07-11-9-963-072 $0.00

Replace seat holding straps

(These flimsy rubber straps that hold the seat height adjusting bars in place showed signs of aging and cracking, even when the bike was brand new!)

4 ea. Holding strap #52-53-7-653-537 $11.88

Tax: $12.66

Total: $546.60

Credit for returned parts never used on my trip

1 ea. Clutch lever #32-72-7-691-637 <$33.53>
1 ea. Mirror #51-16-7-667-717 <$29.48>
1 ea. Brake lever #32-72-7-691-636 <$33.53>

Tax: <$8.21>

Total credit: <$104.75>

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