Wednesday, November 29, 2006

72,410 miles

Santa Rosa, California

Flat rear tire - change wheels (self-service)

Rear tire punctured by a nail. Using the BMW repair kit, was unable to plug the Metzeler Tourance tire. (I've gone through two or three BMW repair kits now, including at least 8 plugs, and have been unable to repair a Tourance with this kit! The plugs always tear when trying to insert them, and two of the insertion tools broke!)

Fortunately, I have a set of spoked wheels mounted with tires that still have decent tread.

So, I replaced the cast alloy wheels with the spoked wheels, and transfered the front brake discs over. Curiously, the front brakes, which had been screeching during slow braking, now operate quietly.

November 27th marked two years since I took delivery of the bike.

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