Saturday, December 09, 2006

72,762 miles

BMW of San Francisco

Major (12,000-mile) service

1 ea. Oil filter #11-42-7-673-541 $13.46
1 ea. O-Ring #07-11-9-904-950 $2.70
2 ea. Gasket #11-12-7-673-087 $11.66
2 ea. Gasket #11-12-7-673-086 $30.60
1 ea. Air filter #13-71-7-672-552 $17.55
4 ea. Spark Plugs #12-12-7-671-301 $46.64
4 qt. 20W/50 engine oil #07-51-0-412-040 $19.64
1 ea. Brake fluid $3.95

Labor: $250.00

(Did not replace alternator belt, since that was replaced at 56k)

Replace battery

1 ea. Battery #61-21-7-661-896 $96.30

Labor: $10.00

Renew final drive fluid

1 ea. O-Ring #07-11-9-905-198 $1.35
1 ea. O-Ring #33-11-7-695-219 $1.13

Labor: $70.00

Accessory purchase

Since the BMW tire repair kit fails to work on Metzeler Tourance tires, I decided to try a heavier-duty repair kit.

1 ea. Tubeless tire plug kit #150213 $29.66

Tax: $23.02

Total: $623.71

Louder than normal gearbox noise?

According to technician, this could be worn clutch plates rattling - considered normal with this kind of wear. (Clutch would later fail.)

Work deferred

When cold, starter pinion remains engaged momentarily after starter button is released. Replacing clutch and flywheel (which will probably be required soon) may remedy this.

Apparently drive shaft is showing some rust (from water in housing at some point), and u-joints are no longer tight. Technician recommends replacing drive shaft.

Front strut is leaking fluid, and is losing its dampening

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