Tuesday, September 25, 2007

92,300 miles

North Bay Motorsports, Santa Rosa, CA

Replace front tire

Metzeler Tourance 110/80VR19 $120.95

(Match on-line pricing, almost.)

Tax: $9.68
Tire disposal: $2.00
Mounting and balancing: $10.00

Total: $142.63

Note: Replaced the "Dunlop D607 Trailmax" that originally came on the bike. That tire had roughly 21,000 miles on it! Incredibly long-wearing, but I still much prefer the handling of the Tourance.


ifallon said...

Just a quick one to say thanks for posting this blog about your R1200GS - interesting to see the whole history of it.

92300 miles wow. Any news since Sept 07 ?

Regards, Ian

timtraveler said...

Hi, Ian!

As of today, just over 95,000 miles on the bike.

Nothing to add.

It's my only transportation, but I'm only using it around town during winter. Maybe I'll head off in Spring...

Happy New Year!


ifallon said...

Happy New Year to you too.

I'm planning a trip to S America sometime so your blog is of particular interest. Did you stick with the Tourance tyres for S America or use the TKC80s ?


timtraveler said...

I used Tourances for the Americas Trip. Originally, I thought that I'd run Tourances, but have TKC80s shipped up to Alaska for the Dalton Highway, but a conversation with Grant johnson (of Horizons Unlimited) convinced me to stick with the Tourance, which he felt was the best all-around tire.

Unless you're going to be off-road much of the time, I agree. The TKC80s wear out rapidly. There will be times you wish you had them, but the trade-off isn't worth it, in my opinion.

One thing I should have done with Tourances in certain situations, is reduce the tire pressures to 20# or so - in mud, especially. Handling would have improved. (Though this can also lead to weakening of the tire if they are not immediately re-inflated after escaping the bad conditions.)