Friday, May 16, 2008

97,596 miles

Santa Rosa BMW, Windsor, CA

Replace transmission, clutch assembly and clutch Bowden cable

1 ea. Transmission Assembly (used) N/C (new transmission: $3,259.44)
1 ea. Clutch Plate #21-21-7-697-737 $160.50
1 ea. Coupling #21-21-7-704-866 $151.85
1 ea. Clutch Bowden Cable #21-52-7-675-102 $120.50
1 ea. Potentiometer #23-00-7-698-580 $145.50*
1 ea. O-Ring #33-11-7-695-218 $3.50
1 ea. Gasket Ring #33-33-7-699-630 $31.99
1 ea. Rubber Boot #33-17-7-685-052 $48.50
1 ea. Rubber Boot #33-17-7-685-599 $42.50**
1 ea. Mineral Oil #07-51-0-398-494 $4.98

Labor: $522.00

Mechanic's notes: Replaced clutch assembly, found input shaft and clutch plate splines sheared. Installed a used transmission at no charge. Will sometimes show a false neutral due to not replacing potentiometer. Replaced the clutch cable.

My note: In first day of use, some difficulty with transmission: while in motion, shifting from 1st to 2nd, transmission wants to lock in on neutral. May take two or three attempts to reach 2nd. "Hopefully" it just needs some breaking in. (Transmission has about 1,000 miles on it.)

Replace driveshaft

1 ea. Driveshaft #26-11-7-665-803 $548.00

Mechanic's note: Drive shaft is worn, needs to be replaced.

Labor: $00.00

Replace starter (Bendix gear not retracting)

1 ea. Starter 12-41-2-306-140 $350.50

Mechanic's note: Replaced the worn out starter with a new starter.

Labor: $00.00

Replace speedometer pick-up seal

1 ea. Shaft (Speedo Pick Up) Seal #33-11-7-679-864 $22.50

Mechanic's note: Speedo pick up seal is worn, and needs to be replaced. Final drive seal does not have to be replaced.

Labor: $261.00

Inspect front brakes (brakes squealing at stops)

Labor: $43.50

Mechanic's note: Installed brake compound on the pads. Test rode the bike, there is no longer a brake squeal.

My note: after ten miles, brake squeal returned.

Oil service (6,000-mile)

1 ea. Oil filter #11-42-7-673-541 $15.95
4 qt. 20W/50 engine oil $34.00
1.4 qt. Gear oil 80W90 GL-5 $13.86
4 ea. Crush gaskets $3.96

Mechanic's note: Changed engine oil and filter, transmission and final drive fluid.

Labor: $43.50
Tax: $131.65

Total: $2,700.24

* Potentiometer was billed, but not replaced. I declined refund, as transmission was installed at no charge.

** Rear driveshaft boot was billed, but not replaced. Refunded later.

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