Monday, June 01, 2009

109,365 miles

Waterbury, Vermont

Mount spoked wheels with "new" front tire

Removed the cast wheels (after 17,065 miles, the front Tourance is worn out. The rear, with 8,000 miles on it, still has some life left .)

But I wanted to put the spoked wheels back on because the front wheel still has a new Michelin Anakee 110/80R19 on it. (Purchased at Hi-Tech Motorsports, Billings, Montana, then mounted on June 1, 2007 at North Bay Motorsports.) North Bay improperly mounted the Anakee back then, and it never did hold air. So I just had Frank's Motorcycle Sales of Essex Junction, VT remount it.

The rear spoked wheel is still mounted with a Metzeler Tourance, that was also taken off the bike June 1, 2007. That tire has 12,768 miles, but looks like I should get several months' service out of it.

Mounting tire at Frank's:

1 ea. Tire valve #36317653064 $5.02
2 ea. 25 gram wheel weight #36311454311 $5.24

Labor (dismount, clean rim, remount and balance): $56.25

Tax: $0.72

Total: $67.23

Changing of wheels was done by me.

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