Thursday, July 09, 2009

110,368 miles

Santa Rosa, CA

Punctured rear tire

Picked up a staple in the rear Metzeler Tourance tire. [9/21/11 Update: removed tire from rim and found three more pieces of staple in the tire. Not repairable.]

Over the past few months, I patched the Michelin Anakee 150/70VR17 that had picked up a nail last November. Today, I remounted this tire (on the spoked rim), and will eventually patch the Metzeler as an emergency back-up tire.

Mounting and balancing: $40.00
1 ea. Napa Plug Patch Repair Kit, Balkamp #710-645 $11.50

Total: $51.50

Miles on the Anakee: 2,496
Miles on the old Tourance: 10,896

Note: the decision to patch this tire was taken only because my current use of the motorcycle is limited to daily trips around town, with a maximum speed under 70 mph, carrying no gear, passengers, etc. If/when riding circumstances change, the tire will be replaced.

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