Saturday, November 07, 2009

112,864 miles

Santa Rosa, CA

Change engine oil (self-service)

1 ea. Oil filter #11 42 7 673 541 $16.53 (from Santa Rosa BMW)
1 ea. Washer #07 11 9 963 252 $0.97 ( " " )
5 qt. Castrol GTX 20W50 motor oil $19.95 (from Kragen)

Tax: $1.62
Total: $39.07

Change final drive oil (self-service)

1 qt. BMW 75W90 GL5 Super Synthetic gear oil $24.97 (from Santa Rosa BMW)
1 ea. #07129964676 Self-locking nut $0.97

Tax: $2.40
Total: $28.34

Used approx. 225ml of the gear oil. This was the first time I've personally changed the rear drive oil. I was assured this was done at the 97,596-mile service, but I was doubtful (there was no final drive oil charge on the invoice.) Though I didn't measure the oil that drained from the drive, it was a surprisingly low volume (and fairly dark, though not opaque.) The drive shaft splines and the rear drive input splines were dry - little if any grease had been used when the shaft was replaced. I was surprised at the quantity of sand, oil and grit inside the "gator" that protects these components. (The final drive input shaft seal seemed okay.) Cleaned up the area and applied "Moly 60" grease to the splines, around the drive shaft u-joint and to the gator sealing surfaces.

(Jim Bade offers an outstanding write-up for this procedure on the "" website. Jim, and others, recommend using 75W140 synthetic oil. Santa Rosa BMW uses 75W90. I don't know the source of this confusion.)

Change out rear wheels (self-service)

Picked up a nail in my new rear Anakee, so I had to mount the spare cast wheel with the Metzeler Tourance while I attempt to patch the nail hole. (There ought to be a law against nails!) For liability reasons, local motorcycle shops will not patch a motorcycle tire, and I know it's not advisable (tell that to all the adventurers traveling the world!), but I am going to try to fix the tire and maintain it as a spare. (That baby cost me $225!)

Maybe it's only in America that after a nail puncture, no matter how minor, we automatically dispose of a tire . I know in many other countries I visited, this would be considered absolutely insane. If you ride on a patched or plugged tire (and I've done it many times), you moderate your riding behavior, and are continually aware of the potential for a failure.

The following work done at Northbay Motorsport:

Replace front tire (mount on cast wheel for a spare)

1 ea. Michelin Anakee 110/80R19 $136.00 (marked down from $186.95)

Labor: $14.00
Tax: $12.58
Total: $162.58

Replaced the Metzeler Tourance that had 17,065 miles on it.

Remove punctured rear tire from spoked rim

Labor: $9.00

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