Wednesday, September 14, 2011

125,200 miles

Santa Rosa, CA

The Horn

I was again reminded of a pet peeve I've had since first buying the GS: the location of the horn button.

While riding down the freeway today, a driver to my right pulled into my lane without looking, or indicating their intent. Totally oblivious. Of course, it's common and I am accustomed to taking evasive action, but I also often go for the horn to announce my presence.

Over nearly seven years, and many attempts, I've failed to connect with the horn button in all but a few of these close encounters. My gloved thumb just misses the button. (And this though I have at times intentionally practiced using the horn!) Maybe it works perfectly for some hands, some thumb sizes (mine seems pretty average.)

I have all along been convinced it's not optimally positioned, though I don't know a better location. Still, it's something BMW should address. I don't recall the issue on my Honda or Triumph (but that was before the handlebar controls became so cluttered.)

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