Tuesday, September 27, 2011

125,500 miles

Santa Rosa, CA

Change out front wheel (self-service)

Removed front spoked rim with Michelin Anakee and mounted the cast alloy rim with a new Michelin Anakee already mounted on it (tire purchased and mounted November 7, 2009. See below.)

Install rubberized washers (from Santa Rosa BMW) to reduce front brake disk squeal

1 st. #34117682434 Stop disks (rubberized washers) $9.53
1 st. #34117697387 Stop disks (rubberized washers) $9.53

Tax: $1.52

Total: $20.58

The Michelin Anakee (originally purchased in Billings, MT) on the spoked rim that I removed has 16,135 miles on it.

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