Sunday, February 10, 2013

129,309 miles

Santa Rosa, CA

Fuel pump controller failed

Electronics unit failed due to water in its housing compartment. I had procrastinated in dealing with the root cause of the problem: a cracked fuel pump housing. I figured that if I just kept the fuel supply low, I could avoid fuel leaking. But leaking fuel had caused the controller o-ring to be deformed. Water eventually worked into the compartment. Lester at Frank's Motorcycle Sales said he had a used part that should solve the problem.

(Note: I retained the old unit as a spare, as they seem to dry out over time, and become operable once again.)

Parts shipped from Frank's Motorcycle Sales, Essex Center, VT:

1 ea. Fuel pump upper housing (no charge - used part from another motorcycle)
1 ea. #16 14 7 720 776 Fuel pump electronics (replaces #16 14 6 694 378) $150.52
1 ea. Controller (blue) rubber seal (included with controller)

Applied a small amount of silicone connector grease to rubber seal to improve seal barrier.

Shipping and handling: $22.00

Total: $172.52

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