Thursday, April 11, 2013

130,000 miles

This photo from Adventure Rider shows the same type of crack found on mine.

[March 17, 2015 update: BMW will be replacing flanges on 300,000 bikes.]

Santa Rosa, CA

Rear wheel flange cracked

On inspection today, I noticed the rear wheel flange is cracked at all five points where the rear wheel bolts to the flange.

Visited Santa Rosa BMW to show them the problem. They had never seen it before. They suspected improper torquing of wheel bolts They say there are no recalls or service bulletins covering this issue.

I always used a torque wrench, tightening to factory spec, and have personally mounted  the wheel for over 95% of the changes. The rear brake disc was replaced before 40,000 miles. The flange where the brake disc mounts shows no evidence of cracks.

I first read about this issue a few years ago, and at the time inspected the flange and noticed no cracks.

On-line discussions of this problem, including catastrophic failure of the flange, have been around for years:

Adventure Rider

The flange has been re-engineered several times, including changes to the composition (aluminum to steel), suggesting design inadequacies in the original flange. Like most such situations, BMW appears to have no formal policy for handling the issue, and it's left to dealer discretion whether to charge for repairs or not.

Parts quote from Santa Rosa BMW, Windsor, CA:

1 ea. 33117722831 Rear wheel flange $249.53
1 ea. 33118521832 Spacer ring $74.97
1 ea. 07119905076 Lock ring $8.53

Subtotal: $333.03
Tax: $27.48

Labor estimated at $200.00

Estimated total repair cost: $560.51

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