Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Post Script

Earlier this month, I picked up a 2011 R1200GS on the East Coast. It had 1,400 miles on it. Barely touched. I rode it 2,700 miles, from Florida to California. The bike required a half-quart of oil during the transit.

Arriving in California, I note the telltale signs of a rear main seal leak: oil seeping from the mating surfaces between engine and transmission, and pooling on the skid plate. The bike has 4,150 total miles on it.

Come on BMW.

If I were trying to blow out seals, how would you recommend I do it? This is at least my third episode blowing out this particular seal in an R1200GS. I must have the magic touch! (My 2005 R1200GS rear main seal failed in the first 6,000 miles, ruining the clutch.)

[January 14, 2014 update:]

At 4,263 miles the following work was done by Santa Rosa BMW, Windsor, CA:

Rear main seal and counterbalance seals leaking (Warranty)

1 ea. Shaft seal #11118528386
1 ea. Shaft seal #11117721848
5 ea. Collar screw #21217684771


Replace crankshaft sealing ring
Replace shaft seal for balance shaft
Set time
Bleed brakes
Measure clutch

Mechanic's note:

While replacing rear main seal, found counterbalance shaft seal has small leak also. 

Warranty Claim #49772

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