Wednesday, January 15, 2014

4,263 miles

Santa Rosa BMW, Windsor, CA

Rear main seal and counterbalance seals leaking (Warranty)

1 ea. Shaft seal #11118528386
1 ea. Shaft seal #11117721848
5 ea. Collar screw #21217684771


Replace crankshaft sealing ring
Replace shaft seal for balance
Set time
Bleed brakes
Measure clutch

Mechanic's note:

While replacing rear main seal, found counterbalance shaft seal has small leak also. 

Warranty Claim #49772


Unknown said...

I get the impression that the air/oil cooled GS is suffering from old manufacturing techniques and lack of modernization.

Do you think the new water coolled GS has been improved to meet today's expectation for reliability? A lot of the repairs you post seem ridiculous for a machine that is intended to travel the world.

timtraveler said...

My impression of the 2004/2005 R1200GS was that it was a new design rushed to market, with inadequate testing and real world trials. Owners suffered the consequences.

And BMW was unconscionably slow in remedying problems brought to their attention from the very first bikes hitting the market. Years later, owners were still citing design flaws identified early on.

So far, I'm extremely impressed with the design changes in the water-cooled GS. But rider feedback will be the ultimate judge.