Wednesday, December 21, 2016

24,192 miles

Lower Lake, CA

Headlamp failure

From O'Reilly Auto Parts:

1 ea. Sylvania H7 Basic  $14.99

Tax:  $1.31

Total: $16.30

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

23,595 miles

Santa Rosa BMW, Windsor, CA

Diagnose Rear Brake Failure

Brake failure light appears intermittently, usually after about 15 minutes of riding. May or may not reappear after turning ignition off and restarting. On one occasion, gently depressing rear brake lever seemed to activate rear ABS.

Coinciding with brake failure warning, on several occasions the speedometer went to "0" momentarily before returning to the correct speed.

Mechanic suspects rear ABS sensor is failing, as computer codes indicated a problem with the sensor.

Computer was reset. Work postponed until further determination is made. Brake failure light did not reappear after day of city and country riding.

Repair estimate:


1 ea. #11318528385  Rotational speed sensor  $132.53


1 hour @ $104.10

Today's actual charges:

Diagnostics: $83.28

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

23, 200 miles

Santa Rosa BMW, Windsor, CA

Diagnose oil seepage from alternator cover. Check rear brake line for leaks, top off reservoir.

Shaft seal is leaking. Will require cutting (new) alternator belt to repair. Repair estimate provided:

1 ea. #11318528385 Ribbed V-belt $35.97
1 ea. #11118528387 Shaft seal $24.97

Parts Subtotal: $60.94

Labor: 2 hours @ $104.10 = $208.20

Repairs postponed to amortize over more miles the alternator belt replacement just done in June.

Actual charges today:

Diagnose oil leak from alternator shaft seal and top off rear brake reservoir: $20.82

No charge for materials.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

22,689 miles

Lower Lake, CA

Check fluids

Fluids excessively (and unexpectedly) low in rear brake reservoir, clutch reservoir, and engine oil.

Topped off engine oil and clutch reservoir. Rear brake more concerning, as reservoir was almost empty, despite recent service. No apparent leaks.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

22,037 miles

Sierra Cycle, Quincy, CA*

Replace front and rear tires

1 ea. #110-11278 Metzeler Tourance front tire 110/80V19  $142.14
1 ea. #110-11279 Metzeler Tourance rear tire 150/70VR17  $165.95
2 ea. Valve stems  $8.00

Parts subtotal: $316.09

Labor: $50.00

Tire disposal: $5.00

Tire tax: $3.90

Sales tax: $23.71

Total: $398.70

Tire life (both tires): 11,738 miles

*Awesome customer service by Tanner

Monday, July 11, 2016

20,435 miles

A&S Motorcycle Parts, Roseville, CA

6,000 mile "Inspection 1" service (oil service plus replacement of alternator belt)

1 ea. Oil filter  #11427673541  $16.47
1 ea. Ribbed V-belt/Fan belt  #11318528385  $32.56
4 qt.  Shell 15w30 drum oil, synthetic  #83212365962  $48.20
1 ea.  Crush washer/zip ties/misc.  $1.00
5 ea.  Chemicals and cleaners  $5.00

Parts subtotal:  $103.23

Labor (@ $120/hr.)

Inspection 1 service  0.56 hours  $67.20
Renew engine oil and filter  0.56 hours  $67.20
Change alternator belt  0.28 hours  $33.60
*Remove engine bars  0.25 hours  $30.00
*Install engine bars  0.25 hours  $30.00
*Remove skid plate  0.25 hours  $30.00
**Throttle synch and reset adaption values  0.42 hours  $50.40

Labor subtotal:  $308.40

Hazmat Fee  $4.00

Subtotal:  $415.63

Tax:  $7.76

Total:  $423.39*

 * I protested these additional "surprise" charges, as I've not encountered them at other BMW dealerships for the removal of a standard BMW skid plate and crash bar. The service manager agreed to refund $50. The final cost was $373.39.

** Engine popping on deceleration and going downhill. No improvement after service.