Wednesday, October 26, 2016

23,595 miles

Santa Rosa BMW, Windsor, CA

Diagnose Rear Brake Failure

Brake failure light appears intermittently, usually after about 15 minutes of riding. May or may not reappear after turning ignition off and restarting. On one occasion, gently depressing rear brake lever seemed to activate rear ABS.

Coinciding with brake failure warning, on several occasions the speedometer went to "0" momentarily before returning to the correct speed.

Mechanic suspects rear ABS sensor is failing, as computer codes indicated a problem with the sensor.

Computer was reset. Work postponed until further determination is made. Brake failure light did not reappear after day of city and country riding.

Repair estimate:


1 ea. #11318528385  Rotational speed sensor  $132.53


1 hour @ $104.10

Today's actual charges:

Diagnostics: $83.28

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